Entry test is not a hard game now

Preparation for Entry test is made easy now.

Entry test that dealt with two major phenomena ECAT (engineering college admission test) conducted by University of engineering and technology Lahore to ensure the intake of engineering admission on merit base throughout PunjabUet Lahore


MCAT ( Medical college admission test) conducted by University of health sciences Lahore to authenticate the merit admission of the students in medical colleges of Punjab. UHS Lahore

Entry test was considered a hard and tough job a few years ago. It was a notion that hard work and luck factor are the rudimentary components to pass through it.But in the current era, it’s a smart work to hit a maximum score in entry test or to score a seat in the prestigious institute in the very effective way. Generally academies, institutions, qualified and experienced teachers, comprehensive notes, learning material and the use of the internet during the preparation of exam has paved the way of success.one of the revolutionary step in the field of education and entry test is TALEEM DOST.

Online learning platform for students of Entry test’s

Taleemdost has actually imparted a very effective role to make entry test very easy. Taleem dost is basically Pakistan’s first online e-learning program to facilitate the students or to provide accurate concepts to the students of entry test.
Taleem dost is a useful tool as a student can prepare and learn without moving outside by sitting at home with a very minimum fee. In that context, taleem dost is a bliss for female students as there are a lot of hampers for them to travel to academies with heavy transportation fees, in hot summer and tough job for their parents to provide them pick and drop punctually. Taleem dost has the video lectures of each topic and chapter with online evaluation and examination system to ensure the testing of students with responsive feedback.

Taleem dost is complete E-learning platform that has actually made the entry test a very easy job for the students first time in history.

January 31, 2018

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