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August 6, 2016

14 responses on "FSC Part1 Complete Course Guide"

  1. Which guide is best for me in topping lahore board

    • You can use any guide but we feel Azeem Publisher guide is best and easy to understand. Only guide is not a reason to top in any board, you must have very clear concepts and prepare well first by completing course and then through our test session.

  2. Muhammad Zeeshan arifOctober 12, 2016 at 8:19 amReply

    how is the student physics sir??

  3. why the physical properties of isotopes are different

    • Dear, physical properties does not depend on chemical structure like chemical properties depend on arrangement of electrons. But physical properties does not depend on arrangement of electrons. Physical properties include color, shape, solubility etc

  4. do u people give lectures for computer science for fedral board?

  5. Do you charge Rs. 800 for one subject monthly or for the whole course? And does that include each and every question from the mathematics?

    • We charge Rs.800 for one subject per month. these video lectures are of best quality that prepare you for exams in excellent way, improves your concepts of each topic in the book so that you could get excellent marks.

  6. What is absolute zero ???

    • Absolute Zero is temperature at which volume of gas becomes equal to Zero. Its value is -273.15K. It is observed that this temperature cannot be attained for real gases as these gases liquefy before this temperature.
      To understand topic clearly, please register to us and such simple concepts will be cleared easily through our lectures.

  7. kya koi aesi website hy jaha sy mei online fsc kr sku????

    • Hi, you can prepare for F.Sc at our website taleemdost.com but F.SC board k papers deny k lye kisi college me admission lena zaruri ha to send admission to board…Let us know in case of any other question, thanks

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