Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is an educational entity established in November, 1998, by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.The main aim of ETEA is to take and control the entrance test examination for the admission in the engineering and medical institutes of KPK. ETEA conducts entry test every year in the month of august or september. A candidate who has passed F.Sc Pre-medical or equivalent examination with a minimum of 60% marks is eligible for this test, or A candidate who has appear in F.Sc Pre-medical Part-II or equivalent examination and awaiting the result and Students who are already admitted in MBBS or BDS on provincial seats, or in engineering universities are eligible to reappear in the Entry Test if they have resigned / withdrawn their admission and paid the prescribed penalty.
ETEA ENTRY TEST PATTERN for Medical: The Papers consists of
  • Physics-60
  • Chemistry-60
  • Biology-60
  • English-20
  • Total MCQs = 200
  • Time allowed 3 hours .
The Papers for ETEA Engineering consists of:
  • Physics-60
  • Chemistry-60
  • Maths -60
  • English-20
  • Total MCQs = 200
  • Time allowed 3 hours
  • Total marks of ETEA (Medical or Engineering) test are 800.
  • Each correct answer carries 4 marks
  • Each incorrect answer carries -1 mark .
Following are problems with academies:
  1. These are costly and there are many reasons for these high costs.
  2. Students who are not living in big cities need to come to big cities from smaller cities and live in hostels which is really tough for them.
  3. Questions provided by academies are really tough and students get demotivated from first day. This is strategy adopted by academies to let students believe that they need academies.
  4. Most importantly, a lot of time is wasted in academies which are beyond control of anyone. This is most important time of student life for ETEA aspirant, so it must not be wasted at any cost. Following are examples of time wastage: - Commuting/Travelling from academy to home and home to academy - Listen to lectures which you already know - Check answers of questions manually and calculate marks in each quiz - Wait for teacher to explain all answers even if you need explanation of only 5 questions out of 50 but you will have to listen to all.
  5. Many more other distractions/ disturbances.

Why Students join academies?

  • 1) To get questions of past papers which are available on internet easily.
  • 2) To clear concepts. They must understand they how same teachers can clear concepts in just 2 months which are not clear in 2 years of FSC study.
  • 3) Students feel that might be due to some influence of academies; they might get questions which can appear in current ETEA paper which is absolutely not the case.
  • 4) Students join as they feel they cannot study with proper routine at home.
  • 5) Lastly they join academy as other friends are also joining and they feel that they might miss some important techniques.


  • 1) High quality video lectures of complete course. Students can opt to any of following programs as per their desire as we understand that every student has individual needs.
  • - (Video lectures + Test session)—even in this, students can skip lecture and go to tests directly.
  • - Test session only
  • 2) High quality MCQs with detailed explanations. So after finishing quiz, you can immediately know reason of wrong answer and clear concept.
  • 3) No time waste at all. You will solve more practice MCQs in lot less time and you can spend more time to study books.
  • 4) Schedule is given and you can follow schedule to finish course in 60 days. No academy can provide such comprehensive study plan and practice. This is a challenge.
  • 5) Full length mock tests will be taken, so you exactly know what to expect in real ETEA paper.
  • 6) “Special Group” will be assigned to enrolled students, so they can discuss problems/questions with teachers and peer students.
  • 7) Very important automated analysis reports will be given to track your performance in each subject. This is most important feature as it will contains your % accuracy in each subject and % speed of solving quiz. In this way, you will be able to analyze your performance in each subject and improve accordingly.
  • 8) You can study anytime of the day and from anywhere. If you miss one day, you can cover in next day.
Overall, since it is designed and developed by top quality faculty, very sincere management and extremely talented technical persons, so you are assured of best quality and we assure you that studying on will be your best decision of life.
We are very confident about our Entry test preparation program that we are offering free registration and first 5 days of complete course. If you like courses, only then you need to pay fee. For your bright future, try is must. Note: Please remember that currently, we are offering courses from Punjab board books, and there is minor difference between chapters. So you should skip those chapters which are not in your syllabus.
Our team of experts understands that completing course is a big challenge for FSC students as they will get only around 45 to 60 days to prepare after F.SC exams. We will ensure that during these days, you read books at least 2-3 times, so that you get exceptional marks. We guarantee that by following our course properly, students can get minimum 90% marks in ETEA test. ETEA exam is consistently tough in previous years, so exhaustive preparation is required. We strongly believe that by following our curriculum and course, you can be topper in this year.
Students who will choose our ETEA course will get exclusive opportunity to get hands on exercises from past papers of ETEA. We will include questions covered in past papers in our chapter wise tests and accumulative tests. So Join asap for your bright future. Note: Please remember that currently, we are offering courses from Punjab board books, and there is minor difference between chapters. So you should skip those chapters which are not in your syllabus.
Taleemdost is providing 2 groups for students of ETEA entry tests. SO you can chose any of following group.
Group1: a)ETEA Engineering: Complete Video Lectures of each subject (Physics, Chemistry,Math, English) + chapter wise MCQs Quizzes+ Past Papers solutions. b)ETEA Medical: Complete Video Lectures of each subject (Physics, Chemistry,Biology, English) + chapter wise MCQs Quizzes+ Past Papers solutions
Group2: If students don't want to get video lectures and just want to practice mcqs then you can do that also, just let us know and we will add you in group 2 i.e Test Sessions only.
Fee for Group 1 will be Rs.6000 only and Fee for Group 2 will be Rs.3000 only. So this is best possible course for all those students who want to get excellent marks in their ETEA entry test 2017.
1) How can I clear my doubt in question if something is not clear? Ans: You can contact by using “group” chat which will be assigned to each students. In those groups, your teachers and fellow students can answer. We strongly suggest to use that group effectively to discuss issues and answer other as well.
2) Why your fee is very less as compared to academies? Will you provide quality study material? Ans: Our main purpose is to help our students succeed without any financial problems. Despite topper faculty, top class mcqs data with answers and amazing features of website, we ensured very less fee to deliver benefit to everyone.
3)Is there any talent/need base scholarship opportunity available for students? Ans: We understand that we must acknowledge performance of our talented students and that is why we will provide free preparation to students with over 1000 marks in FSC or above 500 marks in FSC part-1. For need base scholarships, students who cannot pay can ask parents to call directly to our helpline number. No question will be asked why they can’t pay.
4) What is guarantee that this is not a fraud? This is in fact a hilarious question. You will pay after studying 5 days for free if you are satisfied. There is not any question of fraud etc.

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