MCAT and NUMS Entry test preparation

MCAT and NUMS Entry test preparation: is going to start MCAT/NUMS online test session to help students in their entry MCAT and NUMS Entry test preparation. So MCAT, NUMS Questions can be asked here through comments.

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this blog is for only MCAT or NUMS students help. So kindly ask any question you want to ask about MCAT or NUMS Entry test preparation and our Expert teachers will answer you. or you can contact us through above given link. If you want to buy a course for MCAT entry test preparation or NUMS  entry test preparation then Register for free now. 

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mcat and nums entry test preparation

September 1, 2016

146 responses on "MCAT and NUMS Entry test preparation"

  1. hi, please leave a comment here.

    • Aoa is chemistry syllabus of mcat and nums same??

      • Wao, yes it is almost same. Please check latest syllabus of MDCAT and NUMS available on respective websites. For preparation of any test, we suggest to take printout of syllabus and write down each and every topic as few topics are out of books and many topics of books are not included in syllabus.

  2. pls send me mcat course fo entry test

    • Hi Ali, As our session is going to start from 15th of June So All students will be given access to MCAT/ECAT courses from the same day. then you will be able to access the course according to given schedule. thanks

  3. how i will take lectures????

    • Hi kanwalrafiq, MCQs Quizes and Recorded Lectures will be uploaded according to given schedule and then you will be able to watch them and attempt quizes…

  4. sir hamain es website sy mcat notes be mil saktan han kaya

    • Hi Umair, aap ko video lectures and MCQs Quizes given schedule k according milty rahain gy jin ko achi trah sy krny sy aap ki preparation hoti jaye gi. No need to any other material.Free time me aap book ko consult krein… It will be enough.

  5. i missed first part of biology 1st lecture of 15 june can i get it again?? i also have some questions about (enzymes chapter) from where i can get my answers?

    • Hi Sahar,Now you are enrolled in MCAT Course. and yes you can watch your lectures again just by clicking the link of video lecture. and for your any question of any Subject,you can comment here again, our respective teacher will answer you.

  6. hello sir.. ye lectures download tu ho rhy he but sound ni he so kia aj waly lactures kia me kal dhek sakta hn jo aj miss ho gae??

    • It is strongly advised that you don’t download the lectures, just watch them on website, consult your book and then attempt Quizes.
      and yes you can watch lectures again and again to clear your concept. 🙂

  7. sir from where i can find the missed lecture, kindly provide us link.
    i m not able to find any type of lecture or course.

  8. sir ! may i post here my all questions related to any subject ??

  9. i already made an account and sign in before 12 th june but due to practicals i just saw that now need to pay for the course like why would i pay if i already did became a member before the last date

    • hi, you have already registered to MCAT Complete Course, you don’t need to pay anything.Igonre the payment methode, and Just Start your course and best of luck for your entry test preparation. 🙂 For help you can watch a helping video given in “How to Start” page of

  10. Sir kia MCAT or NUMS ka syllabus same he?

  11. 1. The volume occupied by 5.4g of N2O5 is
    (a) 2.24dm3 (b) 1.12dm3 (c) 22.4dm3 (d) 112cm3
    plz sir tell me the ans with solution

    • Hi Alina,

      As we know, 1 mole of any substance contains volume 22.414dm3. Now lets see solution of above question.

      molar mass of N2O5 = 14*2 + 16*5 = 108g = 1 mole

      So, 108g(1 mole) of N2O5 = 22.414dm3
      and 1g——————- = 22.414/108
      and 5.4g —————– = 22.414/108 * 5.4 = 1.12dm3

      Hopefully it will be clear to you.

  12. Aoa, Sir Im a paid as well as a registered member for the MCAT test session here. I attended the lectures on 15th June after which i mistakenly clicked on “Finish the course” link. After that i am not given access to the test session lectures anymore. Kindly solve my issue so i can continue taking advantage for the given opportunity. Thanks

    • hi Mishal, issue is solved, and Now you can start MCAT Complete Course. Best of luck for your entry test preparation. For help you can watch a helping video given in “How to Start” page of

  13. How can I see the schedule.. I m not finding it any where.. help..please

  14. All Students are informed that video lectures for ECAT entry test preparation and video lectures for MCAT entry test preparation will be uploaded according to given schedule and also they will be removed after 2 days so Kindly follow our Schedule in order to prepare well for entry test preparation.
    thanks team

  15. mcat ka wo hi sallabus h jo last year tha yan kch chngs ai hain???

  16. kindly give me favour.. Due to practicals,I missed starting lectures. I want to have them for better preparation.

    • Hi Iqra, ok don’t worry. All students who have missed the previous lectures will be given access at the end of schedule, Now you just need to follow Schedule.

  17. salam,how to get the missed lecture?i have started today and I want the previous lectures .and how to see lecture again and again ?

    • Hi Wafa, All students who have missed the previous lectures will be given access at the end of schedule, and currently you just need to follow Schedule.

  18. salam…mery kafi lecture miss ho gye e…previous lecture available ni e…??

    • Hi, W/salam, don’t worry all students will be given access to their missed lectures after completion of the schedule. So right now, please just follow the schedule.

  19. hi i here tell me how to join

    • hi, thanks for joining us, you have to complete just 2 steps to start preparation at First is Registration and 2nd step is clearing payment for your course and then you will be given full access to complete MCAT/ECAT Package.
      in case of any difficulty you can also call us at our helpline number: 0336 4648851

  20. how can we attend our missing lectures?

  21. salam .can we retake a test after doing it once? secondly as you told we will get acess to our missed lecture .will we also get quizz section again ?regards 🙂

    • Walaikum Salam, currently we can only provide separate video lecture and not MCQs. So sorry for that but surely we will check possibility.

    • Walaikum Salam, currently we can only provide separate video lecture and not MCQs for those parts which u missed. So sorry for that but surely we will check possibility.

  22. Chemistry chp 10 ques:
    which one of the following ion will be discharge eArliar if they are present in mixture form
    1) NO2- 2) NO3- 3) CL- 4) SO4 2-

    • I think cl-4 is correct answer but since reduction potential of above anions are not given in your book, so this question is out of context. You can only analyze which anion will be discharged first based on reduction potential.


    • Chemical change as electrolyte is changed to ions to conduct electricity. BUT if electricity is conducted through wire(normal electricity) and not through electrolyte, then it is physical change.


    • A is correct. Concentration of Acid will reduce as H+ ion will be converted into water. Since concentration of H+ ion will decrease, so PH will increase.

  25. sir plz tell me uses of alkaline battery and dry cell
    and laptop may b portable computer .
    and also an information is given in book that NiCd battery are used in all battery operated tools may it can b used in non rechargeable batteries??

  26. assalam o alykum sir.. how can i post picture comment here?? actually i wanna ask a question that’s about capacitors.. ho can i show you circuit diagram???

  27. is dicharging of an ion directly related to reduction potential??

    • Yes. The ion’s position in the ELECTROCHEMICAL SERIES will help to tell us which one of the ions will be preferentially discharged.

  28. aftr frmatin of zygospores karyogamy takes plce ?

    • No, zygospore is formed as a result of karyogamy, and from zygospore new hyphae develops.
      Let me explain further:
      First of all hyphae of two different mating types (gametangia) come in contact and karyogamy+ plasmogamy occurs and zygospore is formed. this zygospore is dormant so when the conditions are favourable, meiosis occurs and hypha grow from the zygospore.
      This hypha form sporangium, which produce spores by mitosis. The haploid spores form vegetative body and cycle continues.

      The whole cycle is explained in better way in video lectures given at Taleemdost website.

  29. sir truffle is a sac fungi according to book , but in MCQS it was givn tht truffle is a club fungi which does not forms basidia
    sir this MCQS is correct or book??

    • True truffles belong to sac fungi but you can see in the statement that “basidiocarp” is mentioned, which is not the characteristic of sac fungi. In addition to the “true truffles,” there are a number of “false truffles,” which are classified as club fungi (Basidiomycota)…. but they do not form basidiocarp. All true members of club fungi form basidiocarp… so do not get confused with this 🙂

  30. I sent an email.. did you get it? if yes, then answer my question please.

  31. what is the difference between diploblast and triploblast?
    The characterisics stinging cells of phylum coelenterata are called what?

    • Hi Shafique, here is answer of your question.
      1. Body wall develops from two embryonic germ layers- ectoderm and endoderms and persists as such in adult.
      2. Non- cellular, gelatinous mesogloea is present in between ectoderm and endoderm.
      3. Coelom is absent, e.g. Hydra (coelenterates), sponges (Porifera).

      1. Body develops from 3 germ layers- ectoderm,mesoderm and endoderms.
      2. Mesogloea is absent and mesoderm is present.
      3. Coelom is present, e.g. platy-helminthes, annelids, arthropods, mollusks, echinoderms and choradates.

  32. salam sir….sir punjab medical collage aur Nums ka syllabus same hy?????

  33. Asalam Alaikum sir ! sir how can i do picture comnts i hv questions ??

  34. 1 if a strip of cu metal is placed in a solution of feso4 then what hppended please tell me clearly

  35. what is electro potive element

    • It is opposite to electonegativity. Electropositive elements tend to lose electrons and form positive ions (e.g. group-1 elements like alkali metals are most electro positive)

  36. sir please answer my question

  37. in outer space there are 10 molecules per cm3 on an average and temperature is 3k what is average pressure of gas solve this question

  38. why my questions are always on moderation ????

  39. AOA,
    Biology, chapter 11 part 1 doesnt have audio after 5/6 minutes

  40. sir kya me nums or mcat donon k liyay aik hi sal me apply kr skta hun?

  41. sir I got 91% marks in 1st year and I hope I would get same marks or more in 2nd year.
    My matric marks were 92%.
    Now, How much marks are needed in nums entry test to get admission in mbbs in army medical collage.

    • Dear Hammad,

      You have good marks and your chances are very good, so you just need to focus on preparing for exam. NUMS is taking entry test for the first time, so no one can predict how many marks will be sufficient. You can check merit of previous years from official website.

  42. hello sir! i am an overseas student (living in kuwait) i have done my fsc pre medical from fbise . i want to join your online mcat courses . i have activated my account now i want to know about the payment procedure for me ?can my brother on my behalf pay from there( lahore)?

    • Hi Fatima, yes he can pay from your behalf. and in case of any question please let us know. Thanks 🙂

      • sir! in case of payment of cash through bank can my cinic number will work along with the bank details given or the paper copy is necessary? because my brother doesn’t have my cnic copy . thanks

        • Hi Fatima, no need to send any CNIC copy. you can just send us your A/C no., or Deposit slip number after paying through bank.
          Thanks 🙂

  43. Do 0.1 molar solution of HCl and 0.1 molar of HNO3 have same pH?

  44. I have —— M.A degree.
    A)a B)an c) none

    • Hi zareen123, Option (B) is correct. the reason for this is because the letter “M” is pronounced “em,” a vowel sound that should be preceded by “an.”
      I hope you got your answer.

  45. sir agar koi nums ka test dy or mbbs k liyay select ho jay to phir wo konse collage se paray ga amc ya cmh lahore.

  46. salam sir….. sir mary bohat ziyada lecture mis ho gaye ha wo phr kb avalible hu ga?????

  47. Question asked by some students: can i give mcat and nums entry test in same year?
    so answer is yes, you can. To confirm, you need to check the dates of both MCAT test and NUMS test.
    thanks 🙂

  48. In MCQS it is given that:
    The number of electrons in one coulomb charge is equal to
    6.2×10*18 . how?

    • See
      charge of 1 electron = 1.6 * 10-19 coulombs

      So to get 1 columb charge on electron, take right hand to left and divide by 1.
      1 Columb = 1/(1.6 * 10-19)electrons

  49. Sir How can we calculate that:
    The electric force of repulsion between two electrons at a distance of 1m is?

    • It is simple. You can find with formula F = Kq1q2/r^2

      Here K is constant. value of q1 and q2 is same(charge on electron 1.6 * 10-19 coulombs) and distance between then is given(1m). Put values in above equation and you will find force.

  50. An 8.5g ice cube is placed into 255g of water. Calculate the temperature change in the water upon the complete melting of the ice. Assume the all of the energy required to melt the ice comes from the water.

    • The heat fusion of ice is 333 J/g.
      Q = 8.5 * 333 = 2830.5 J
      This specific heat of water is 4.186 J/(g * C)

      For water, Q = 255 * 4.186 * = 1067.43 * ∆T

      Set this equal to 2830.5 and solve for * ∆T

      1067.43 * ∆T = 2830.5
      ∆T = 2830.5 ÷ 1067.43
      This is approximately 2.65˚ C

  51. if a 40w bulb is burnt for 2hours how much heat is generated

    • If you want to know about power expended over time, that is called energy and is measured in KWH.
      In that case, the energy consumed to light a 40W bulb for 2hours is .040(KW) x 2(H) =.08 KWH

  52. a.a sir mujhe daily bases pe lecyure ni milta why is it so? & why my question are under moderation?

    • W/salam, our team is uploading lectures and quizes and removing old uploaded lectures and quizes on daily basis, Please try to follow schedule as your course progress is showing that you are not following schedule on daily basis. Anyhow, We will provide all previous lectures from 15th of July to all MCAT students. don’t worry 🙂

  53. aoa. i missed my previous lectures due to final exams of my dvm frst year … can i get them again …guide plz

    • We will provide all previous lectures from 15th of July to all MCAT students. So right now, please just follow our MCAT test schedule.

  54. three resistors of each 4ohm are conected to form a triangle what is resistance b/w any two terminal

    • As 4 ohm resistance is connected in the triangular network on each side, the effective resistance between any two corners will be given by a parallel circuit having two 4 ohms in series one branch and a 4 ohm in the other branch. Hence Equivalent Resistance =1/R = 1/8 + 1/4
      Or R = 8/3 = 2.67 ohms

  55. a.a sir mujhe bio , physic & english ka lecture kafi diino se ni mil rah

    • W/salam, you have been added to separate courses, so you can watch them now. And please follow schedule and Note that access on missed quizes will not be given again. only video lectures will be available again.

  56. AoA sir mujhy part 1 k physics k chapter heat and thermodynamic ki lecture video visit krni h but mujhy kahi bhi nai mill rahi h ???
    What is the procedure to visit old videos

    • Ok, you will be added to physics course and also all other courses separately to get all your missed fsc video lectures in 24 hours. SO No worry, thanks 🙂

  57. I am only taking lectures but I don’t find any syllabus or any extra information regarding entry test ??
    and my english lectures are not accessing ??

    • W/salam, you have been added to all separate courses also,where you can watch all video lectures of BIOLOGY, PHYSICS, chemistry and English. and let us know what information do you need? WE will guide you in detail. Thanks 🙂

  58. AoA sir if i pay tomorrow how will i start taking lectures i mean i will follow the schedule as given on your website to continue or will i get the lectures from start ? if not then will i be accessible to the previous lectures that i have missed ? and one thing more the lectures will be accessible for me after 3 august because it is the last day in your schedule ? thanks

    • W/salam, Yes you will be given full access to all previous video lectures and you will have complete access to all subjects for 2 months. So no need to worry about anything. 🙂

  59. Salam, how to get the missed lecture ? as i was told i can get them after july 15 ? tell me the procedure.and one more thing i am not getting biology “s new lecture .the last lecture i got is of chapter no.13 ..please check it out .Regards 🙂

    • W/salam, you have been added to all separate courses, and now you can watch video lectures of BIOLOGY, PHYSICS, chemistry and English. Thanks 🙂


  61. AOA sir mujhe previous lectures ka access chahiye? thank you so much very helpfull effort by your team!

  62. mcat part1of all the subjects video cannot be accessed plz do something

  63. sir mein ne aik schedule 100 % karne k baad finish the course pay click kar dia hai by mistake ab mujhe next day k lectures nai mil rahe please help me!

    • Hi Fatima, No need to worry. We will set MCAT course for you again so that you could start it again. But you don’t need to click on finish the course button in future even your course status is 100%. and Remember when next lessons and quizes are uploaded, previous data is removed so you need to follow the MCAT schedule on daily basis…

  64. hello sir ! meri profile view nai ho rahi dashboard aur courses mein bhi mujhe ecat entry test answer key 2016 ka page show ho raha hai veiw profile pay bhi ecat key show ho rahi hai mujhe apne cousrses nai mil rahe? what should i do?

  65. salam sir mere lecture chal ni reh or na hi mujhe kafi dino se lecture mil reh hi sir please solve my problem

    • W/SALAM, Now you are enrolled in all MCAT subjects (Physics, Chemistry,Biology and English) so you can start those courses now to watch all video lectures… thanks 🙂

  66. plz tell me whish book is recomended for nums prepration and what is the merit?

    • Hi,NUMS entry test is taken by NTS; for its preparation, there is not any specific book. You can prepare for this test with practice and after getting grip on how to solve the questions. please visit this link for NUMS merit details:
      and also we have offered a NTS course in which you can learn about techniques and prepare for nts test which will help you a lot in NUMS test. thanks 🙂

  67. salam
    sir can i do my preparation from kips books???nums and kips books are same or not? if not so from which books can i do my preparation?
    plz guide me sir

    • Walaikum Salam Aqsa,

      You can prepare from our entrance test program which will cover both MCAT and NUMS. Off course apart from that, we strongly encourage you to take mcqs from other books like KIPS, stars, punjab college books which are easily available in market. But these books must be used to solve mcqs ONLY after you study FSC books first. FSC book study is most important. If you wish to join, you can register for free as it is free for first 5 days.

  68. AoA, sir can you inform me about the date to apply for MCAT..???

  69. The cathodic reaction of H2SO4 with Fe is oxidation while with Pt is reduction why

  70. AOA Sir Mcat ki classes kab sy start hain ???

  71. sir taking nums entry test where can we apply after that

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